Healing frequencies

For centuries there has been a wide understanding that sound has a profound and dramatic effect over the human body and mind.

Researchers have been studying the biological effects of sounds and frequencies with patients already undergoing several diseases, the results have been very encouraging.

There are certain frequencies of sounds that are used as part of protocols of therapies to stimulate the human brainwaves to promote healing. As today, we know these frequencies can produce changes on several ailments.

LifeBoss Health partnering with Hypnocell® has created original and copyrighted material specially designed to work with our program. We have created relaxation music with Solfeggio and Bineural beats to aid with the connection during cellular regeneration and release.

How these frequencies work?
The relaxing music includes the hidden frequencies -only detected by the brain- and needs to be used together with indications of the program for better results.

This will aid to alter the consciousness and recognize the root cause as the starting point of the healing process. Frequencies are known to alter the body through music, by evoking a deep emotional response.

How often should I use these frequencies?
Depending on your goals and indications provided. Each program of frequencies works differently and we recommend to use it as advised.

What frequencies are involved in the audios?
Mostly the Solfeggio frequencies and Binaural Beats.

What is the normal body frequency?
The natural frequency is 65-75 M hz. That means humans are constantly generating electro-magnetic waves of noise. When exposed to higher or lower frequencies than usual, the human body is stimulated to heal, and to re-train the neural circuits resulting in a form of neuroplasticity.

Can sound frequency improve the health?
Incorporating sound and music frequencies into your LifeBoss Health plan will improve your daily life and health in many positive ways. They can provide reduction of pain and stress, promote healthy relationships around and with yourself, spiritual development, better sleep, and improvement of chronic illness.

Can sound therapy help with acute diseases or ailments?
It has been noted that the use of these frequencies during extended periods of time after any acute event contribute to reduce the recovery time and increase the pain tolerance.

What are the Solfeggio frequencies?
These are a seven-tone set of musical tones that date back from ancient times. They are known to be used in some of the Gregorian Chants by Monks. In ancient Greek, the Mathematician Pythagoras even led a cult that was focused on the significance of the mathematical pattern of theses frequencies with the human body.

Each frequency stimulates a different system in the body.
396 Hz is associated with liberation from negative feelings. Patients going through therapies with this frequency experience life-changing emotions of forgiveness and let-go situations.

417 Hz is related to the transformation and fixing of broken situations. Also with most chronic illness and hormonal imbalances.

528 Hz related to DNA repair. It is the one involved in most of our LifeBoss Cellular Regeneration programs.

639 Hz related to the establishment of interpersonal relationships and self-love. It is usually the most frequently used during the healing therapies with sound.

741 Hz is related to the capacity of problem solving and creative expression. It is also related with past traumas.

852 Hz is related to the magnificent spiritual enlightenment. It is the one with the famous sixth-sense.

963 Hz is related to the strong relationship between traumas and the mind. It is for those with a highly analytic mindset.

What are binaural beats?
It is a phenomenon that happens when you hear two tones, one in each ear, that are slightly different in frequency. This will make the brain process the beats with a difference on the frequencies.

For Binaural beats to work the two tones need to have frequencies less than 1000 Hz, and the difference between the two tones cannot be more than 30 Hz. The tones need to be listened separately, one on each ear.

They work great on reducing anxiety, increasing focus and concentration, lowering stress levels, increase relaxation, mood improvement, promotion of creativity and pain management.

What are LifeBoss Health frequencies for?
Our system of healing frequencies it has been designed specifically for this program. We recommend to use them during the program to improve faster and better results.

In case you need a different frequency for an specific disease please contact us and let us know about it. We can tailor frequencies for individualized cases.