Are you happy?

The famous word happiness, and its many misunderstandings. There is a lot to be said about wanting happiness, getting it, believing you really get it and not being really happy.

Since a was a little girl I imagined traveling the world, getting my dream job, living in a very exotic place, and having my own path for myself, a truly empowered woman. It was a dream that became my major motivation in life to achieve my goals.

But you know what happened once I achieved every single thing from my plan? Was I happy? How complex can we be, because I was NOT happy. For the contrary, the years when I was at the very top of my game and achieved my dreams were the lonelier and emptier years of my life. There was no real meaning. I became a robot following the rest of the majority of people in the world, not exactly knowing who I was anymore.

We grow up with this sense of being the best, to become the most amazing humans, to leave a legacy, to get power, and somewhere along that way we tend to lose our true identity. It can become a real burden for the years to come if we don’t find the right help to get back to the path of fulfilment.

We have been sold happiness like something material, superficial, easily attainable that doesn’t require much effort but money, power, relationships, or status. But we forget that happiness doesn’t come from the outside, it comes from the inside, from deep within. It is a state of inner peace, self-knowledge, gratitude and forgiveness that will lead us to the real path of happiness.

It can take a lifetime to get it, but each one of us has the potential to get it at some point.

It is not necessary to look for it on the outside, or to be generated by anything else that it is not ourselves. Once you master the ability to get that true long-lasting happiness it will stay and last for a very long time, it will not go away easily because it will become an essential part of you. Once you start breathing what real happiness is, it will become the solid base of your life. That’s how it works.

Live the day, get away from toxic people, avoid so much exposure to social media, walk more, spend time with yourself, make peace with your inner demons, admire nature, appreciate your body and its beauty, meditate constantly, sleep well, visualise your dreams, spend time with those who make you laugh, do something you enjoy, and most importantly love yourself each day more. Say out loud in front of the mirror every single day as a habit. It works.