We really “become” what we eat

How many times we have heard that! And how many times we have chosen to completely ignore it with the justification that we deserve to eat what we want and wish.

There is a huge difference between someone who eats healthy and someone who doesn’t. It is pretty simple. The healthy person is putting healthy and nutritious food into his system. The other person is filing up with junk. We all know what happens when a car is running with a bad quality petrol, it fails. Exactly the same happen to us.

Thousands of researchers and scientists have spent years studying the effects of food in the body, and they conclude we really become what we eat in a nutshell.

I know a burger with fries can be really satisfying for our taste, but the nutritious content might not be right if we are getting meat that has been processed and treated with antibiotics, hormones and preservatives.

And this is good news because I am not telling you not to get the burger. Just get the one that will be nutritious, with the grass-fed meat, and whole-grain bread, with lots of veggies and sweet potatoes. It will be a whole different story.

One of the first steps during the LifeBoss Program is detoxification, and involves a master class of habits, meditation, probiotics, supplements, and nutrition. Because nutrition is a key component in our life, is because we can’t survive too long without the right nutrients.

It will just take time to re-learn all the things we know deep-inside but tend to ignore. It will change the vision of health and the unhealthy elements that cause long-lasting impacts in your health. It is acknowledging the need for change if you wish a positive change.

If you are going through a chronic illness right now I can tell you whatever is going on might have a nutritional component, and in most cases a change of it goes a long way. It can be so dramatic that some people actually feel amazed of how much harm they were causing to themselves not really knowing that’s what they were doing.

You need to read about foods, their nutritional value, the benefits of each element, and the best ways to combine them to get the best results. I guarantee you it will pay off.

Guidance is key at the beginning. I don’t recommend you to try to go through this journey alone. Find someone with knowledge in nutrition and healing. They will know what you need and how to advice regarding the best foods for every stage of your process. Be mindful of the time-frame you will need to see result and be kind with your body. It will be self-healing and this is a process that usually takes time.