Making peace with anxiety

Each one of us has dealt with anxiety during our lifetime. Because we are humans, and imperfection is all around us.

It seems like a haunting emotion linked with many other usual emotions we face even on a daily basis. It is linked with the fear of loss, the frustration of wanting something hard to get, the loneliness of isolation, and so many other emotions we have all been facing, specially these last months.

What we have been through with the lockdowns it has been hard for people, and for this struggling with mental health and mixed emotions it has been a complete test. Anxiety arise at any time, on any person. It doesn’t discriminate.

When patients come to my consultation asking me to help them get rid of their unwanted negative emotions, wat I usually say is: “There is no point on trying to get rid of something that came with you as soon as you were conceived in this world. The point here is to make peace with it”.

I have seen people fighting their demons their whole life. They spend a great deal of time and money trying to get out of a situation that is actually part of being human. Nobody can live without the triggers of negative emotions, specially the anxiety of getting the triggers triggered.

The best and healthier approach is to make peace with it. To understand this is part of who we are, and to get a working-strategy to work alongside the triggers and the triggered emotions.

We can’t live thinking we are negative-emotion-free. I wish. But this is not the case. Instead we can learn to live on a understanding-emotion-regulator once the triggers get triggered, and the negative emotion shows the eruption that follows. But how? I can say now, well that’s easy. But it took me years of learning. And if now you are reading this is because you need to know how. I can assure you the techniques are simple but require habit and courage.

Connection with yourself, with who you really are and your expectations, the real ones. Connection with your breath, with the rhythm of your breathing once you feel losing control. Connection with your body to control the physical response that follows an unwanted negative emotion. And specially forgiveness to your humanity and the fact you are an imperfect human that will manifest that imperfection in a perfect way: loving yourself and understanding life.

Real Lifebosses accomplish these techniques and master their responses. Because they are aware of what is needed to live a plentiful life.