Cellular Regeneration and Chronic Illness

Since I went to the Medical School a long time ago now, I have been curious about sustainable and natural ways to deal with diseases, specially chronic diseases.

I remember asking my Professors the reasons why we usually treat a chronic illness with so many long-term medications that will only cause secondary effects and even hide the primary cause of disease. I was disappointed to find that most medical practitioners think that way: quick fixes for everything, instead of looking for the root of the alteration, the main cause that started the chain of events.

During my many frustration episodes (that became frequent at the time), I made the determination to find the best way to deal and improve diseases, in a way that the patient could understand it and even empower his will against another episode. Most of my colleagues thought I was crazy. But later on, the results showed me I was on the right path. I did find a way to improve, and even eliminate chronic illness in a natural, sustainable and long-lasting way.

Through the program of cellular regeneration I learnt how to talk to the cells, negotiate, and make them understand and remember their healthy code that needs to return, in order to achieve health again. It works wonders with most adult patients, and also children. However, children are a whole different story. In adults shows great results and long-term effects that will positively impact the patient’s future.

The cellular regeneration program includes several components. Hypnosis, meditation, nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, and lifestyle. It is totally unique and individualised, and the same it is not used for all patients, each one will get a different program depending on their conditions.