I designed a program that includes hypnosis with cellular regeneration called Hypnocell®. It has been an excellent tool for me to get fast and long-lasting results with my patients, and the only one that has worked so well for me particularly.

When I started training and learning more about the way the mind influences and produces changes in the physical body, I already knew it was a huge component with more than 70% of the responsibility of whatever happens in the physical body. I also learnt the first step to start the process, apart from lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and strengthening the immune system, it is to find the root cause of whatever the patient is going through.

I asked myself the question: Ok, I already know the mind is the commander here, now how do I get inside and work on it? The answer I found everywhere was “Hypnosis”.

With hypnosis it is possible to enter the sub-conscious mind, where the root cause is, and where the changes can happen IF we know how to talk and negotiate with the cells. They need to trust.

Once there, the root cause is healed, the experience is changed with a positive lesson, suggestions of empowerment and improvement and implanted, and the rest is up to the patient.

I do have hypnosis as a key tool in my LifeBoss Network program.