Past life regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss

A few years back I took the trip to Rhinebeck in New York, to get formally trained in past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss. Thanks to the many things and techniques learnt I had the opportunity to develop my own hypnosis system primarily based on neuroplasticity and cellular regeneration.

Past life regression is a set of techniques used to access the sub-conscious mind to travel where a root cause of disease is located. For some people this root or cause might be located somewhere in their current lifetime. However, for others the root might be somewhere in a past-life experience. And to get there is the magic of past life regression. It needs to work for the root to be fixed.

They key is to find the exact moment in that lifetime, and the event involved in the root. Something interesting is that past life events do have a close relationship with present events that might be affecting the mind and body. Once those roots are fixed the changes will appear. Past life regression is a great technique used for cellular regeneration that provides with encouraging results.

Something I learnt from Dr. Brian Weiss was that reality can be perceived different for each individual. Whatever situation someone is going through represent a reality that is assumed and accepted by the cells of the body. Once that reality is modified it will be possible to achieve improvements and healthy outcomes. There has been a lot of research attempting to map and understand the human brain and the way it works, but we are still a long way behind the complexity of these processes if the mind and consciousness are not assumed as the mastermind of creation. Journeys taken by the mind during near death experiences, dreams, hypnosis, and past life regression are individual evidence of the power of vivid imagination and creativity. Do we know for sure these techniques represent clinical evidence of physiologic events impacting health? We are working on that. However, the main goal is to obtain improvements and even self-healing by self-empowerment, and this is usually achieved once the roots can be found, wherever they are.

I appreciate the time, patience and dedication of Dr. Brian Weiss and his wife Carol Weiss during my training. It was priceless and I am still learning every single day through interesting cases.

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