Meditation as a gateway of connection

Long time ago when I first heard of meditation as a form of healing I just thought it sounded like science fiction. I had no idea of how wrong I was in the understanding of the human mind.

Later during my many studies I learnt that the best way to connect with yourself and your own body was through establishing this deep connection using meditation. It is a bridge between the body and the soul, and a gateway of energy through unexplored areas of ourselves that can lead us to find truth and peace.

How can you do this? Just sit with yourself 5-20 minutes daily, focus on that white spot that will appear once your eyes are close and allow your mind wonder while trying to set your intention to whatever goal you wish to achieve. Try to focus on just one thing at the time, and get lots of attention to your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly, so calmly and slow that you feel the control over your own body. Feel your muscles relax, and your body heavier, and that point when you feel you are about to fall asleep is when you need to focus more on your goals. That will be the sweet spot.

A daily routine of meditation helps to alleviate many physical, emotional and spiritual situations, and will also aid on getting your ideas clear and concise.

It is definitely a gateway of connection, and that is something we should all use. Can you imagine the world of the future who all humans are able to heal any disease or problem just by sitting and meditating for a few minutes a day? It would be amazing.