Why Vibrations, Frequencies and Beats?

For a long time we have been listening to people talking about different healing techniques that have proved to be beneficial.

During my quest to understand the many alternative ways for a natural path of healing I came across the techniques using vibrations, frequencies and beats to get an influence and response over the brain.

Applying the principle of cause and effect we do know that most diseases Do have an origin, and usually it is caused by our own choices.

Now, once the disease or imbalance is established these techniques have shown to work effectively and fast over the natural healing process, providing a valuable aid and boost.

The intentional component involves the stimulation of the brain, on a deep level. Mind and body are deeply interconnected thanks to surrounding energy, and during disease these interconnections are disrupted or/and imbalanced.

Waves that have the capacity to get deep into the brain, and produce changes on really subtle and complex cellular connections, will show incredible results between minutes to days of habitual practice.

There is a range of programs offering these really interesting frequencies, vibrations, and beats that usually come in the form of relaxing music. Try one for a while, and check how much your body will change, depending on the initial intention of action.

We do have these healing frequencies available in our LifeBoss Academy.

As incredible as it looks, ever cell in the human body responds to vibration. This produces structural changes that will have a positive or negative impact in the human body.

Cells tend to behave in different ways depending on the environment they are exposed to, and they respond to stimulus that can generate changes easily observable with signs and symptoms.

When a certain type of disease manifests and produces a symptomatology cascade, it usually manifests in several systems of the body. Per example if we get a viral disease, then the immunologic system will come into play to protect us against the agent affecting the body, and at the same time the respiratory system might get affected together with the circulatory system, and the combination of all the symptoms produce a series of changes in the body that will be generalised.

Many treatments used in the Western Medicine are solely based in the drug component that will produce changes that might be immediate or based upon the frequent consumption of the drug. But the natural and more integrative approach to medicine use different approaches that are based on the balance of the whole body in a way that might take longer, but it is certainly not dependant on drugs and comes with the perks of free unwanted side effects. All drugs produce a side effect!

Since I discover these techniques with the use of vibrations, frequencies and beats that will impact on each cell of the body, and are even targeting the specific system that is affected, I couldn’t go back to think that this is not essential. For the contrary, it is too essential to the treatment of my patients.

An hour and up-to-eight hours of sound therapy with frequencies (depending on the disease) daily, is what I have been using with my LifeBoss protocols for the last years with excellent success rates.

It is definitely a great way to envision the medicine of the future.