LifeBoss Community Testimonials

My pain was unbearable, till the point I couldn’t do anything. It was hard to work, to walk, to even get out of bed. After 7 weeks with this program my Life completely changed. I am a whole new person.

– Gabrielle K.

My friend told me she was doing a program that got rid of her migraines. I remained skeptical until her headaches disappeared. Then I enrolled too.
Tom R.

I can’t remember how it was like to feel miserable with depression, stress, anxiety and feeling low most of my days. Two weeks after this program and I felt good as new.
Van M.

To me health was an utopia. I never though my mind was able to do everything is doing right now. I am a 2.0 version of who I used to be. Excellent program.
Rene T.

I’ve wanted to get out of this disease for a long time. I felt a lost control over mi body and mind, and found no hope on the conventional medicine. Thanks to deciding to join this program my life changed upside-down. I am a new man and feel finally healthy. It took me three months to get back on my feet after a terminal diagnose. And here I am, stronger than ever.
Mario C.

When I started this program I was on an abusive lifestyle with myself. It was a cycle of failure, deception, and mostly fear. I hear Dr. Lucy talk about becoming a LifeBoss, then I though: “Girl, that doesn’t happen to everyone”.

I reached out for help one day and got immediate response. Her team was sweet and attentive. They convinced me to give it a go. That was two years ago.

Today, I am a LifeBoss. I have control over my health, my life, and my freedom. I am never ever going back. I learnt to heal my body and soul, and now my life is happy and fulfilled.
Throna E.

I am 76 years old, and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago, the worst years of my life. My doctor recommended this program and I went for it. Lucy is such a clever and intelligent person, and even when I was a bit skeptical of her methods at the beginning there was something telling me to keep going. A year later I am a whole new man. Pains are gone. I forgot what it was like to be pain-free. I am a LifeBoss!
– Raul F.

I am a former financial advisor tat was absolutely miserable with his life. Two years ago I was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer and that was the top of the iceberg for my awful life. Then my wife talked to me about LifeBoss because she took a workshop with Dr. Coleman a few years back and I went for it myself. It took three months for me to understand what I needed to do. Today, I am cancer free and having a bast with my new life. Thanks.
I am a LifeBoss!
Van U.

What can I tell you about this program? That changes lives. I did to mine. I understood the reason why I was getting ill all the time. It was everything from allergies to asthma, heart issues, even diabetes. An endless list of medical bills and days off work. Meditation and mindfulness was something new to me. I learnt how to control my body and make it work for me. I became a LifeBoss. Thanks Lucy.
Nadia B.

Every single human should learn to master the control over their physical body, the way LifeBoss teaches you. I know how to do it and intend to help other to learn the same. I became a LifeBoss three years ago, and today have helped many other people to understand their mechanism of self-healing.
Valery C.

My testimonial is something I still can’t believe. Just writing here as a LifeBoss seems unbelievable after everything I went through. If I tell you everything this can get endless. I can just say I am a whole new person. Happy, complete, and secure of myself. I believe in my own healing powers, and will never ever give my healing capacity to anyone else but myself. I did this, and now my possibilities are enormous.
Ben B.

Thanks to the LifeBoss team to help me change my life and heal. My cancer was slowly killing me, consuming my health and likeness to life itself. Eight months into this program, doing every single thing religiously by the book, and today I am healthy. No signs of cancer, no disease, no fear. Can you believe this can happen? Yes! Believe it because I did it and you can do it too.
German S.

Thank Dr. Coleman for the opportunity to be part of your program. You have helped me change my life and become a better person. You were right, this was going to be a hell of a ride with you. It was. I am a LifeBoss. You always said it ie because of my hard work, but I wouldn’t have done this without you. Thanks.
Leonel F.