The way physical exercise impacts your health

I have been saying for a long time that physical exercise plays a huge role in the maintenance of our health. The body has been designed to move, and that’s wat we should be doing. If instead, we decide to keep our exercise to the very bare minimum, while putting in more calories that the ones burned we will definitely end up with a chronic illness, and of course overweight.

Physical inactivity costs billions of dollars to people around the world. Think about it, medical bills, prescription medicines, inability to work, diseases, and so on. It is an endless list of things that will happen once you decide to use the body for something else rather than working out.

I don’t mean you need to go out and start working out for hours to be healthy. Just 30 minutes of moderate to intense activity daily or 150-300 minutes of exercise per week can be enough. But as long as your body is in movement, your health will get better and what is best, it will stay that way.

Medicine can be the 30 minutes per day of exercise, your nutrition habit of putting in good nutritious food, sleep well, and try to stay calm and happy. Sounds great, and this is not a fantasy, it can be done.

The best recommendation is to move and sit less through the day. Keep those muscles moving and your circulatory system pumping that blood and getting rid of toxins. There are so many benefits of exercising.

For older adults, pregnant women, or people with a chronic illness there are milder routines that can combine balance and certain combinations of movements and exercises, like yoga, swimming, and dancing.

House chores are a great form of exercise.

For those without conditions that can be harmful there are several exercises available to choose from. Jogging, jumping, swimming, tennis, hiking, skiing, cycling, aerobics, etc.

You get to get that body moving and working. It is the best and more reliable source of healing you do have available.