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Integrative Regeneration By Dr. Lucy Coleman


LifeBoss Health is a program designed to re-train the mind and body to regain control of life, health and wellbeing.

Many people repeat this phrase on a daily basis, believing that a disease, trauma, stress or any event that might affect health can be stronger than the willingness to self-health and self-regenerate.

We are living on high speed mode and do not pay attention to the signs the body and mind are usually sending. We tend to ignore it until the time bomb explodes and manifests as a disease or a constant state of depression.

The good news I give you is that once I finished my medical studies I realised than my knowledge of the mind and body was a component I knew no much about, then I decided to dedicate years of my life to the search of alternative and integrative methods to restore this important balance.

The deep study of the mind taught me the most intrinsic and hidden roots of disease are hidden on a place of the mind known as the sub-conscious. The secret is to get there.

It took me years of study and discovery to understand and develop a way to get there.

Several years ago I specialised in reproductive medicine and embryology. Somehow my life was inclined to the study of the origin of life with the creation of human gametes, which is really fascinating. And without this knowledge I would’ve been able to understand what I discovered.

My insight of the study of the mind also led me to discover that energy is the link component to achieve the re-establishment of the closed body and mind relationship, and the cells behave the same way in every system of the body, but there is a subtle way to communicate with them in order to get a response. This relationship can be re-established and the codes of healing inserted to get a long-term and long-lasting effect. But it is important to know how the cells behave.

Why LifeBoss Health? LifeBosses are owners of their own life. Health is the most important component I work with, because it is the strongest foundation that once stabilised it will open a wide range of other opportunities for change and personal growth. Without health we can’t be effective LifeBosses, even if we wish to.

What can you use my program for? To take control over your life, health and wellbeing. It is easier to give control over our own body and emotions to others, but with this program you will take that control and learn how to continue commanding your own cells to stay healthy.

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What is included in my program?

Self-healing techniques with the use of self-hypnosis, meditations, Solfeggio and Bineural frequencies, and visualisations.

Ideas and suggestions for lifestyle changes and habits using programs that include nutrition and exercise as essential components to stay healthy.

Access to an extensive material and calendars that will guide you during the course.

Special bonuses with Masterclass offered by experts, and access to practice materials like the Solfeggio and Bineural frequencies designed by Dr. Coleman to work on each system.