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Hypnotherapy Online for Neuroplasticity by Dr. Coleman


Dr. Lucy Coleman is a medical doctor, specialist on high complexity reproductive medicine and embryology, certified in cellular regeneration, a best-seller author with +25 books, entrepreneur with several successful companies, founder of the Hypnocell® program, Fertility Online, and LifeBoss Network, Scientific Director of Fertiaguerrevere, and Unicef Child Rights Advocate.

She trained with mentors like Dr. Brian Weiss, Doug Hayward and Doyle Ward in several techniques of hypnosis, psychology and mindfulness, and later developed her own program called Hypnocell® which is a neuroscience based method combining all of her learnt knowledge through the years.

She has also learned using methods by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza to combine them with the fundaments of epigenetics and neuroplasticity.

A few years ago she was diagnosed from a rare brain pathology that required to be medicated, restriction of a stressful lifestyle, and even infertility issues, and these motivated her to use her teachings on herself. Now, years later, she has lived a fully happy and healthy life, travelling the world, working on her companies, became a mom and still learning more interesting techniques to use each day.

“After a long battle with life that involved several health struggles and life-threatening diagnoses over the years I learnt how to heal, and mastered the secrets of regeneration, wellbeing and happiness.

Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, self-healing, realisation, and truth, and become the pioneer of your own life. We will re-discover your inner LifeBoss, and your life will be changed forever. Trust me on this!” – Dr. Lucy Coleman